Cookie Program Resources

Cookie Booth Information Document
Booth Sale Etiquette Pledge

Booth Sponsor Certificate
Booth Sponsor Thank You
Booth Tally Sheet
Cookie Costume and Cash Box Rental Request

Cookie Program Guides and Forms Document
Family Cookie Guide
Girl Permission Slip
Juliette Information and Request Form
Delinquency Procedure and Letter
Troop Buy 5 Postcard
Troop Cookie Guide
Troop Cookie Manager Agreement
Troop Proceeds Option Form

Truck & Warehouse Schedule

Volunteer Toolkit
Service Unit Cookie Manager Agreement
Service Unit Cookie Manager Guide
Service Unit Cookie Booth Coordinator Agreement
Service Unit Cookie Booth Coordinator Guide
Service Unit Cupboard Manager Agreement
Service Unit Cupboard Manager Guide
2015 Cookie Rally Guide
Hot Topics in the Cookie Program Document
Buy 5 Postcard
Coco (Cookie Command) Website
COCOdirect Tutorial
EZ Text Alerts
Google Group for Volunteers
Official Girl Scout Cookies Smartphone App
2015 Square Card Reader Application
Taste of Home Flyer and Receipt
SNAP Manuals and Tutorials Document
Adding a Girl Tutorial
Planned Order Tutorial Coming Soon
Taste of Home Tutorial
Transfer Order Tutorial
Online Safety & Marketing Document
411 On Online Marketing
General Safety Tips
Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge
Online Safety Activity Checkpoint
Product Sale Safety Activity Checkpoint