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In-Person and Online Order Taking
Friday, October 1 - Saturday, October 23, 2021
NEW! Digital ONLY Extension
Sunday, October 24 - Saturday, November 6, 2021
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The Fall Product Program is a council-sponsored program that combines educational activities with money earning opportunities for the troops.

During the program, girls offer nuts, candy, and magazines to their customers, all of which go a long way to help troops fund awesome Girl Scout experiences. New and existing troops can purchase troop supplies for their meetings, as well as save money to fund overnight adventures, day trips, travel experiences and awards.

P.S. Fall Product makes perfect holiday gifts! 

Why Participate


The Fall Product Program provides an excellent opportunity for troops and independent Juliette Girl Scouts to learn about goal setting, sales, marketing, and budgeting. It's also a great way to earn income to support Girl Scout activities.

5 skills girls learn through the programs:

  • Goal Setting
  • Decision Making 
  • Money Management
  • People Skills
  • Business Ethics

All girls can earn additional patches and rewards through selling nuts, candy, and magazines provided in partnership with Ashdon Farms and M2 Media Group. The 2021 Fall Product Program features new products and girl rewards so talk to your troop or Service Unit Manager today about participating!

Troop Proceeds

Don’t forget, your troop will earn 15% of all sales, which will help fund the amazing activities you have planned for this coming Girl Scout year!  Set goals with your Girl Scouts and get ready to have some fun!  

Continued for 2021, Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can now choose to OPT-OUT of rewards. They will receive 18% of the total value of all orders, earn all patches, and the trophy at the 100 reward level!

Learn more about the 2021 Fall Product Program by downloading our resources and guides below.

Patches & Awards

Girls can earn amazing awards based on the number of items they sell during the Fall Product Program as well as patches!

New for 2021: Troop Avatar Photo

Create Your Troop Avatar Photo

On October 1, 2021, Girl Scouts will be able to access the M2 online system, where girls can create their own personalized avatar. After everyone in the troop creates their own custom avatar in the M2 system, troops will then be able to download their custom troop avatar.

Girls can earn one of the two personalized patches below by:
  1. Creating their avatar
  2. Sending 18+ emails through MS system
  3. Sell $200+ in total Fall sales
  • 2021 Custom Patch 1
  • 2021 Custom Patch 2

2021 Cookie Cross Over Patch

2021 Cookie Cross Over Patch

Girls can earn this patch by:

  1. Creating their avatar in the Fall
  2. Send 18+ emails through M2OS
  3. Send 15+ emails in SmartCookies during 2022 Cookie Program
  4. Sell 225+ pkgs of cookies during 2022 Cookie Program

2021 Care to Share Patch

Give Back & Share!

Girls can ask family and friends if they’d like to make a $7 donation to purchase nuts for the Community Foodbank of NJ in Egg Harbor AND the Mercer Street Friends in Ewing. Simply make a notation on the Order Card.

Once a girl collects FIVE $7.00 donations, she earns the Care to Share Patch. In 2020 3,292 items were donated.

NEW reward levels and more choices!

View all potential patches and awards on the 2021 Fall Product Program Nut Order Card!

How to Participate

Girls can choose from a variety of participation options to sell nuts, candy, and magazine subscriptions from our product partners Ashdon Farms and M2. Online and in-person options ensure girls can succeed, even with a busy schedule!

M2 Operating System (M2OS)

What is M2 Operating System (M2OS)?

The GSCSNJ Product Program team is excited to continue working with M2 Media Group as the magazine vendor and host of the operating system (M2OS). M2OS is mobile-optimized, so you can create custom avatars, send emails, etc., on your tablet or smartphone!

Participating Girl Scouts and volunteers can create their own Avatar using the M2 system! Both girls and volunteers can earn a personalized patch featuring their Avatar with a choice of two different background designs. 

GSCSNJ will continue to work with Ashdon Farms and offer their delicious nuts and chocolate products including the NEW Sweet & Salty Mix and the NEW collectible Girl Scout Uniform tin!


Troop Leaders / Volunteers:

On 9/24/21 troop volunteers will receive an email invitation to access the M2 Operating System for your volunteer role. If you have not received your invitation please contact Once logged in, you’ll watch the short video that takes you on a virtual tour of the new site and create your avatar. While you are touring the website, you will also:

  • Meet the 2021 Fall Product Program Mascot
  • Learn about the Cookie Crossover Patch
  • See the new products being offered this year!

Most importantly, please check out the Parent/Guardian Email Blast option to verify/enter the email addresses of the parents in your troop.

2021 Volunteer Custom Patch

NEW FOR 2021:

In order to qualify for the Volunteer Avatar Patch, Troop Leaders MUST launch the Parent/Guardian Email Blast (PGEB) in the M2 System. This will send the participation link directly to the girls in your troop.

On the first day of the program, October 1, 2021, you will have the option to send out an email blast to the parents/guardians so their Girl Scout can set up her personalized avatar, import or enter her email address contacts, and participate in the online portion of the Fall Product Program.


Girls / Parents:

On October 1, you can go directly to to get started. Once set up online, girl can:

  • Create an avatar that looks just like them
  • Set up their personalized site
  • Record a message for their avatar to deliver to family and friends
  • Send emails and texts to family and friends inviting them to purchase nuts, candies and magazines
  • Share your sales link on social media
In-Person Sales
  • Girls can use the order card to collect orders from friends and family. Products will arrive mid November to then be delivered to customers.
  • Customers who live near girls will be able to place Girl Delivery orders online. Customers order select nut/candy items and pay online, and the girl delivers the items in person.
Online Sales
  • Girls can set up an online store where customers can pay online to order nuts, candies and magazine subscriptions to be shipped directly to the customer.
  • Girls can share their online store through email, text and on social media.
Ready to Participate?

Ready to participate? Talk with your troop leaders about your troop's participation in the Fall Product Program this year. Check out some important resources below and get ready to learn and earn with the Fall Product Program!

All girls who are renewed for the 2021-2022 Membership Year will have access to the M2 Operating System (M2OS) on October 1 and can start participating in the Fall Product Program!


Important Links
Girl / Family Materials

How to Create Your Avatar

Selecting Girl Rewards [For Parents]

Girl Order Entry Instructions

Product Program Combined Girl Permission Slip 21-22 FINAL

Girl Permission Slip

Click the link above for the paper application, but please note that this form can now be completed for both the Fall Product and Cookie Program electronically via Jot Form.

GSCSNJ M2 Flyer_Page_1

2021 GSCSNJ Fall Quick Start Guide

2021 Fall Product Program FAMILY envelope FINAL_Page_1



M2OS Customer Service Business Card
Troop / FPP Manager Resources

SU Fall Product Program Training

Troop Order Entry Instructions

How To Send Out Parent/Girl Email Blast

collection adjustment img

ACH Authorization Form img

ACH Authorization Form

MUST BE SUBMITTED BY THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. REQUIRED only if your roop did not complete this form in 2020 or if you had any troop bank account changes such as new account number or signers. M2 (online operating system) access will NOT be granted if this form has not been completed. 

2021 Rally Instructions Packet

2021 Fall Product Program TROOP envelope FINAL_Page_1

Troop Fall Product Program Manager Agreement 2020

2021 Fall Product Program Troop Manager Agreement

Click the link above for the paper agreement form, but please note that this form can now be submitted electronically via Jot Form

2021 Fall Product Program SERVICE UNIT envelope FINAL_Page_1

M2OS Customer Service Business Card


Troop Avatar Photo Contest

Win a Cookie Booth Sales Kit!

Step 1: Girls and Troop Volunteers need to build their avatars in M2.

Step 2: Troop Leaders can generate their Troop Group Photo on M2

Step 3: Submit the troop photo HERE to be entered to win a Cookie Booth Sale Kit.

  • Requirements: All participating girls in the 2021 Fall Product Program be included in the Troop Avatar Photo.

Contest Prizes:

Five (5) Troops will be randomly selected as winners on November 8. Look for the updates here and on GSCSNJ Social Media!

Cookie Booth Sales Kits Include:
  • Money Envelope
  • Cookie Banner
  • Large Cookie Boxes for Display
  • Thank You Bags
  • Waist Apron
  • Tablecloth
4ft Giant Penguin (2 Chances to Win!)

1st Giant Penguin Contest

Girls who send at least 18 emails and have at least $200 in total sales during the Fall Product program (Oct 1 - Nov 6) will be entered to win an XXL 4ft. Giant Penguin!

  • Winner Announced November 8, 2021. Look for the updates here and on GSCSNJ Social Media!


2nd Giant Penguin Contest

Every girl who has at least 5 online times sold (nuts or mags) during the Digital Only Program Extension (Oct 24 - Nov 6) will be entered into winning an XXL 4ft. Giant Penguin!

  • Winner Announced November 8, 2021. Look for the updates here and on GSCSNJ Social Media!

Questions? Contact your troop leader, Service Unit product program manager or the GSCSNJ Customer Care team for more information.