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The 2022 Cookie Program has ended.
Thank you for your support.

Resources for Cookie Volunteers

COVID Guidelines and Processes

The sale types that could require interaction with customers outside of your household (hybrid and in-person) are allowed with the understanding that Cookie COVID-19 Guidelines must be met and can change at any time during the 2022 Cookie Program.

Getting Started!

Participating in the largest girl-led business may seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be! Below is everything you need to get started with the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

If you haven't already, don't forget to register a Troop Cookie Manager for your troop and sign the Troop Cookie Manager Agreement Form.

2022 Key Dates
Key Cookie Program Dates
  • November 5: Troop Cookie Manager Upload in Smart Cookies Begins
  • December 3: Girl Upload in Smart Cookies begins
  • December 10: Initial Orders Due in Smart Cookies
  • December 12: Initial Orders Checked by Service Unit Cookie Manager
  • January 4-12: Initial Order Deliveries
  • January 13: Cookie Program Starts!
  • January 28: 1st ACH Withdrawal
  • February 18: 2nd ACH Withdrawal
  • February 18: National Troop Cookie Link Begins
  • February 18-20: National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
  • March 1: Contact Parents/Guardians for Unsold Inventory
  • March 18: 3rd ACH Withdrawal
  • March 27: Cookie Program Ends!
  • March 27 - April 1: Girl Money and Paperwork Due to Troop
  • April 1 at 11:59pm: Troops Locked Out of Smart Cookies
  • April 1: Delinquent Parent Paperwork Due to Council
  • April 4: Deposit ALL Cookie Funds into Troop Bank Account
  • April 8: Final ACH withdrawal
  • Late May: Girl Rewards Delivered to Service Unit



Get the GSCSNJ's cookie app!

It’s great to keep Troops and Service Units up-to-date on cookie news, important dates, documents, and much more! To access all of the features, download Team App on your smartphone - it’s 100% free.

Launch Team App and search for GSCSNJ Cookies. Then:

  1. Sign-up to Team App. You'll be sent an email to confirm your registration.
  2. Search for Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ in the App and request access.

Don't have a smart phone? No problem! Just visit us online.

Troop Cookie Manager Guide (PDF)

The guide has all things cookies, important dates, cookie booths, COVID-19 Guidelines, and more!

Cookie Program Family Guide (PDF)

Join the tradition of making memories, practicing entrepreneurial skills, and being part of something great! You can still do amazing things in these uncertain times.

First-Year Cookie Manager Tips


Being a volunteer in a Girl Scout Troop for the first time is a big job and participating in the largest girl-led business may seem daunting, but the Girl Scout Cookie Program doesn’t need to be!


Here are some quick tips to make your first cookie season a success:

  • Hold a caregiver meeting: This is your first change to get girls and caregivers on the same page and for your troop leader to assist in setting goals. Use the 2022 Cookie Family Guide as your outline for the meeting. You are here to help the girls with their Cookie Business so it’s important to set clear guidelines and expectations for girls and families.
  • Ask for help!: The Cookie Program runs from January-March and there are plenty of opportunities for you to recruit helpers in your troop.
  • Stay Organized: The most tried and true tip for any Troop Cookie Manager is to stay organized! Grab a binder and put your Troop Cookie Manager Guide with all important paperwork inside. Use clear protectors to hold girl documents and all signed receipts from the caregivers. Keeping all of your paperwork in one place is vital for success.
Smart Cookies Resources
Troop to Girl Transfers (Video)

Learn how to transfer cookie inventory from the Troop inventory to a girl.


Creating a Recognition Order (Video)

Directions for how to create and manage recognition orders in Smart Cookies.


Creating a Planned Order (Video)

Planned Orders placed for pickup at a cupboard by a troop informs Council of how many cases of each variety we need to have stocked based on troop demand.


Online Sales Management (Video)

Managing online cookie sales with Smart Cookies.


How to Create Virtual Cookie Booth Link (Video)

Smart Cookies Virtual Booth Sale feature provides a way for consumers to purchase delicious Girl Scout Cookies through touchless transactions.


Entering Damages (PDF)

When there are packages of cookies that have been damaged in a manner that is deemed unfit to sell to the customers, those packages will need to be documented in the Damaged Orders section of Smart Cookies.


Manage Orders (PDF)

The Manage Orders page displays all transactions related to the troop and provides access to view/edit/delete orders as needed during the sale.  Filters allow the user to quickly find specific orders or types of orders and information can be exported easily. 


Virtual Cookie Share (PDF)

The Virtual Cookie Share page is used for entering orders for the Virtual Cookie Share program, to record cookie donations so the Troops and the Girls are credited for those sales.


Girl/Family Smart Cookie Resources (Webpage)

Girls use the Smart Cookies site to set their cookie goals, manage their cookie sales, track their progress, view recognitions, and send Smart Cookies e-cards to customers.


Family Meeting Guides

It is important that you discuss the Cookie Program with your caregivers.

Hold your Family Meeting for the Cookie Season with confidence using these brand new meeting guides courtesy of GSUSA!

Troop Activities For Endless Cookie Fun!

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is so much more than selling cookies. Through the experience, girls build 5 skills that will last a lifetime: goal setting, decision-making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Fun cookie activities, like the ones below, can provide girls with opportunities to think about these skills and how to put them into action as a team.  


Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pins

Each Girl Scout grade level has its own set of requirements to help families guide their Girl Scout as she runs her own cookie business year after year. Girls can earn all 13 pins in the collection—one unique pin for every year they participate and meet the requirements. Guidelines for each program level linked below.

Rewards, Incentives, and More!

Troop Volunteer Incentive

Troops can earn two (2) rain ponchos or two (2) volunteer t-shirts by completing the following criteria by April 2, 2022:

  1. Complete weekly troop to girl transfers
    • At least 6 out of the 9 weeks of the Cookie Program
  2. No bounced ACH withdrawals
  3. Final cookie balance paid by the last ACH withdrawal
  4. All girl hoodie and shirt sizes entered into Smart Cookies
Check out the Rain Poncho and T-Shirt on the Volunteer Incentive Flyer!
Girl Rewards

Girls who participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program will not only learn awesome skills they will use the rest of their life, they'll also earn rewards! 

View Girl Rewards
Cookie Contests
Cookie Contests

Click the button below for more information on our 2022 Cookie Contests and how your girl/troop can participate.

Option for Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Troops

Older girl troops (grades 6-12) can opt-out of Cookie Program rewards and earn higher proceeds. Girls may choose to do this because they prefer the extra proceeds to help their entire troop complete activities instead of receiving individual rewards.

Older Girl Troops that opt-out of rewards for higher proceeds will still earn patches and the 500, 1000, and 1,100 prize levels. This decision must be made by a troop as a whole.


Review and complete the Older Girl Reward Opt-Out form.