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Girl Scouts earning their Silver Award

Silver Award Girl Scouts

Watch the 2020 Virtual Silver Award Ceremony:

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Have you ever looked around your neighborhood or school and wondered how you could make a change for the better? Going for the Girl Scout Silver Award—the highest award a Girl Scout Cadette can earn—gives you the chance to do big things and make your community better in the process. Download the Silver Award Handbook to find out how.

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Girl Scout Silver Award webinar:

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You can pursue your Girl Scout Silver Award if: 

You're in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade (or equivalent)


You're a registered Girl Scout Cadette 


You have completed a Cadette Journey


You have completed the Silver Award workshop/webinar

Girl Scout Silver Award Steps

1. Identify an issue you care about

To solve any problem, you must first identify it. Start by asking yourself what matters most to you.

2. Build your Girl Scout Silver Award team or decide to go solo

To earn your Girl Scout Silver Award, you can work with a small team (no more than 3 girls) or you can create and implement your own project. 

3. Explore your community

Now that you have begun to think about issues that concern you, it's time to do some exploring to find out what your community needs are and where your areas of interest and the community needs may overlap. 

4. Pick your Silver Award project

Now that you've thought about the issues you care about and explored your community, it's time to choose a project based on what you've learned.

5. Develop your project

Now that you've chosen a project, it's time to think about how you'll accomplish your project and plan for it to be sustainable. This is also when you'll find a Project Advisor who can be an expert on the issue your project is looking to solve. 

6. Make a plan and put it in motion

It's time to get started! Your project needs to involve action by you and your Silver Award team (if you have one), from the planning stages all the way to earning the Girl Scout Silver Award. 

7. Reflect, share your story, and celebrate

Congratulations, you have completed a project that makes a difference! Take some time to reflect on what you have accomplished.



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