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Camp Sacajawea, Newfield, NJ

Called Sacy for short, this 186-acre property is nestled in the Pine Barrens of Gloucester County. Sacy provides opportunities for girls, troops, and families to create their own outdoor adventures. Sacy offers everything from boating and archery to swimming and zip-lining.

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Activities at Sacajawea

Please note that with any activity requested, payment is required prior to participation. Activities must be booked at least 2 weeks in advance. Activities are dependent upon times, instructors, and availability. We will do our best to accommodate your group!


Archery: Each session can accommodate up to 20 people. The session is approximately one hour. Instructor included. Available April-October. Archery available for Brownies and up. Slingshots available for Daisies. 
Capacity: 18
Pricing:  GS $60  |  Outside Groups $70

Rock Tower

Rock Tower: Maximum of 25 people/session. The rock tower must be scheduled in advance as it is shared between other camps. Large groups, Service Units, and Council programs will have priority when reservations are made. Weight limit 40-220 lbs. Safety harness must properly fit participants. (April-October). Girl Scout Daisies and up. 
Capacity: 25
Pricing:  GS $60  |  Outside Groups $90 


Geocaching: There are 3 caches on the camp property. Geocache coordinates and info sheet can be provided on request. Available year-round.


Canoeing: 18 people at a time. Certified instructor included. Life jackets are provided and must be worn. Available April - October weather permitting. Brownies and up. Daisies can be passengers with adults only. 
Capacity: 18
Pricing:  GS $60  |  Outside Groups $110 

For canoeing, please wear boat shoes, closed-toe and non-slip hiking/sport sandals with heel strap, or water socks or shoes (no flip-flops).

Low Ropes Course

Low Rope Course: Certified instructor included. Our low ropes course is a series of physical and mental group challenges that promote teamwork and Girl Scout values.

Pricing: $45 per hour 

Nature Center

Nature Center: The Center is in the Tuckahoe pavilion across from the pool, capacity 30. Contains picnic tables, lights & fans, no heat or AC, posters, and a collection of natural things from feathers to bugs to mounted birds to bones to bark. Reservations appreciated, but also a good rainy day alternative. See the Ranger for opening or assistance. Available all year. 

Rentable Sites

Cabin Unit - Center Camp: 3 midsize cabins, each with 8 beds (bunk bed style), capacity 24. Unit has one picnic table, campfire, campfire tools, cooking equipment (on request), firewood, and water tap. Unit shares a trailer bathroom or Dining Hall bathroom--check with Ranger. Rental includes Common Use Areas. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $70  |  Outside Groups $140

Tent Units Cherokee & Mohican: Each unit has 7 platform tents, each with 4 cots, capacity 28. Each unit has a pavilion with picnic tables, fireplace, electric, cold water tap, cabinets, campfire & cooking equipment & refrigerator. Comanche & Mohican pavilions are screened. Units have a campfire ring with cooking grate, seats & tools, firewood is supplied. Comanche & Mohican use Mac's Wash House bathrooms, Cherokee uses the trailer. Rental includes use of Common Use Areas, see below. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $100  |  Outside Groups $200

Acorn Units - Comanche & Sioux Sites: (7) Cabins/Acorns with a solid door and screen ventilation, and (4) built-in wooden beds with mattresses for a unit capacity of (24). (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $100  |  Outside Groups $200

Tent Unit Chippewa: Unit has 6 tents, each with 4 cots, one with a ramp for access, capacity 24. Pavilion and unit have same equipment as listed above. Unit shares trailer bathroom with Cherokee. Rental includes use of Common Use Areas. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $100  |  Outside Groups $200

Mohawk Lodge: Day Capacity 40, sleeps 20 on foam mattresses, 3 folding beds. Lodge has oil heat, no AC. Multi-purpose room is carpeted, has sofa, folding tables, chairs, fireplace, vacuum. Kitchen has refrigerator, electric range & oven, sink, hot water, microwave, coffee brewer, cooking equipment, broom & sponge mop, 20-gallon trash & recycle cans. Bathroom has 3 toilets, a shower stall, 4 sinks. Campfire ring with grate, seats & picnic tables outside,  tools & firewood supplied. Rental includes shared use of Common Areas.
Pricing:  GS $120  |  Outside Groups $240

Lenape Lodge: Day capacity 30, sleeps 20 on foam mattresses, 3 folding beds. Lodge has oil heat, no AC.  Multi-purpose room has folding tables, chairs, fireplace, patio furniture set. Kitchen has hot water, refrigerator, electric range with oven, microwave, cooking equipment, sink, 20-gallon trash & recycle cans. Bathroom is at Dining Hall, about 200 feet on paved path, has 3 toilets, 4 sinks, heat & hot water. Lodge has ramped entrance but narrow doors, campfire with seats, grated ring, tools, firewood. Shared use of Common Areas. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $120  |  Outside Groups $240

Iroquois Lodge: Day capacity 18, sleeps 10 on foam mattresses, 2 folding beds. Multi-purpose room has a propane space heater, no AC, tile floor, fireplace, folding tables & chairs. Kitchen has a refrigerator, electric range with an oven, microwave, sink, cabinets, cooking equipment, mop & broom. Bathroom has hot water, 1 toilet, sink, bathtub with shower. Campfire outside with firewood. Rental includes shared use of Common Areas. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $85  |  Outside Groups $170

Apache Troop Cabin or Pitch Your Own Tent Site: (1) large troop cabin with 6 bunk beds & 2 single cots. (1) outside space for 4 tents. The troop cabin is an open air cabin with ventilation screen on all four sides & two screen doors. Kitchen has a refrigerator, fireplace, cooking equipment, broom, outside fire pit, & firewood. (April-October)
Pricing:  GS $90  |  Outside Groups $180


Additional Amenities

Common Use Areas - Shared by all campers: Sports field (by Parking Lot), Flag field (by Lenape), Games field (by Trailer bathroom), Waterfront, Ernie's Campfire, Whisper Trail, Showers, Dining Hall, Nature Center. Waterfront has campfire with seats for 200.  Ernie's has campfire seating for 100. Whisper Trail starts at parking lot, has 3 sections from 3/4 mile to 2 miles. Games field has a gaga pit. Trailer has 8 shower stalls, Shower house has 5 stalls & handicapped accessible bathroom -- please see Ranger to schedule use.ground balls. 
No fee with site rental.

Somers Dining Hall: Multi-purpose room, 40 x 80 feet, capacity 200 standing, tables & chairs for 120, concrete floor, high ceiling, screen windows & doors, lights and electric, fireplace, no heat or AC, wide porches can be used for activities.  Ask Ranger for firewood or playground balls. 
No fee with site rental.
Pricing:  GS $150  |  Outside Groups $300

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