Leadership Training

Title Description Pre-requisite Who Should Take This

Girl Scouting 101 –  GSUSA Orientation to Girl Scouting

45 Minutes


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This 45 minute online introduction to the Girl Scout program provides an overview of the Girl Scouts of the USA and information to help you understand the program goals Interest Form & Background Check Required for all volunteers. 

Girl Scouting 102 - Service Unit Orientation 1 Hour


 This 1 hour course introduces you to your local support network.   The workshop is followed by a question and answer session. Girl Scouting 101 Required for troop/group leaders and volunteers working with a service unit. 

Girl Scouting 103 – Getting Started 3 Hours


This 3 hour course will build on core leadership knowledge you gained in the first two courses. Some of the topics that will be covered are: The 3 Processes of Girl Scouting (Girl Led, Learning by Doing and Cooperative Learning,) Take Action Projects and GS Resources (e.g. Volunteer Essentials and the Safety Activity Checkpoints). GS 103 is required for any volunteer who completed Leadership Training from October 1, 2009 on. Girl Scouting 102 Required for troop/group leaders and volunteers working with girls.  

Girl Scouting 104- Partnering with …


This 2 hour course will introduce you to the grade level you will be working with including: the developmental characteristics of girls, an overview of the Journey and Girls Guide to Girl Scouting materials. You will also learn how to choose, plan and implement a Journey with the girls. Meet other volunteers who are working with girls at the same grade level as you! These courses include: Girl Scouting 104: Partnering With Daisies, Girl Scouting 104: Partnering With Brownies, Girl Scouting 104: Partnering With Juniors, and Girl Scouting 104: Partnering With Older Girls Girl Scouting 103 Required for troop/group leaders and volunteers working with girls.  

Safety: First Aid & CPR


A qualified First Aider with current First Aid and CPR (both adult and child) must accompany any troop/ group for certain activities. Refer to Safety Activity Checkpoints to determine whether or not a First Aider is required for your activity. The leader is encouraged to engage another volunteer for this important position. Certain health care providers meet GSUSA requirements through their profession, and you may find someone already in your troop/group trained or qualified to serve as your First Aider –including physicians, registered nurses, dentists, and emergency medical technicians. Additionally, there may be an adult who has been trained through a GSUSA approved agency in their community.  Adults are encouraged to obtain the courses either through GSCSNJ or another approved agency such as the American Heart Association (AHA,) American Safety & Health Institute, (ASHI,) or American Red Cross (ARC.) Some courses offered by AHA, ASHI or ARC have separate components for First Aid and CPR, with separate expiration time frames. Both First Aid and CPR (adult and child) are required to be considered a Girl Scout First Aider. Courses are frequently offered through local hospitals, rescue squads or community organizations. Girl Scout Membership Required for group first aider.