Social Media Guidelines

When representing Girl Scouts on social media channels make safety a priority.

  • Make sure the privacy standards settings ensure the safety of girls.
  • Practice diligence to ensure that groups you are joining or linking to have standards consistent with Girl Scouts.
  • Make sure the messages you post do not conflict with Girl Scouts positions. Please contact the council if you need clarity.
  • Use good judgment and common sense - do not write or post anything that would embarrass or upset Girl Scout members and volunteers, or reflect badly on our organization.

Treat others as you want to be treated; do not use the internet to attack or abuse any group, race, gender, religion, political group. Careful monitoring of social media is important in maintaining a positive image of Girl Scouting. When possible, please share articles/events from the GSCSNJ web site, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, and other communication resources.


Use of photos or videos requires a Photo/Artwork Release form signed by parents/guardians and any adults pictured. This release only provides permission for use directly related to Girl Scouts and should never be used to promote a business or political campaign.


  • Do not post a girl’s last name, e-mail address, physical address, phone number or school.
  • Do not post the date, time and location of meetings, events or trips. Service Units can post recruitment events online. If Service Units wish to share program information with families, they should do so via email or through a closed group or password protected page only.
  • Any Girl Scout use of a social networking site for communication must have parental permission and must meet age limits set by the provider, which is 13 and older in most cases, as per the United States Child Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and the Child Online Protection Act (COPA).
  • Only events/opportunities that are directly related to Girl Scouts can be promoted.
  • Under no circumstances should volunteers utilize information available on social media sites to make volunteer appointment decisions.
  • Respect other people’s privacy and your own personal boundaries by using discretion when
  • Girl Scouts USA requirements are listed in Safety Activity Checkpoints (“Girl Scout Cookie/Council-Sponsored Product Sales” and “Computer/Online Use”) and we encourage all girls to sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge.
  • Members responsible for posting disparaging material, bullying, intimidation or other misuse will be reprimanded and other disciplinary measures may be taken. We expect our adult members to role models for our girls, and follow the Girl Scout Law and Promise to be considerate and caring, honest and fair. GSCSNJ has a zero tolerance for adult to girl cyber bullying.
  • Comments should be deleted if they break any of the procedures listed above; contain profanity, obscenity, vulgarity or nudity in profile picture; are defamatory to a person, people or organization; contain name calling, personal attacks and/or personal issues that are more appropriately addressed offline; or infringe on copyright laws.