Volunteer Essentials

volunteersAs part of GSUSA's core business strategy Volunteer Essentials was created to make life easier for volunteers by creating fewer but more comprehensive resources that are user-friendly and easy to navigate. It contains the operational information that volunteers need to be effective. Volunteer Essentials is a resource written for volunteers serving in any pathway.

This resource:

  • offers information about Girl Scouts as a movement and a tradition,
  • asks volunteers to assess their own skills and competencies,
  • discusses the GSLE and the journeys,
  • highlights other program offerings,
  • shares information about healthy development in girls,
  • instructs volunteers in how to keep girls safe,
  • gives information on taking trips and hosting events, and tells volunteers how to help girls manage group finances, including details on Girl Scout Cookie sales.

GSCSNJ has incorporated council specific information into Volunteer Essentials.

Volunteer Essentials (PDF)