Girl Scout Bronze Award

Welcome to the Girl Scout Bronze Award, a leadership adventure and the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. As you and your team plan and complete your project, you'll develop more confidence, meet new people, and have the kind of fun that happens when you work with other Girl Scouts to make a difference.

The Bronze Award is not a prerequisite to earn the Silver Award or Gold Award.

You must be a registered Junior Girl Scout in 4th or 5th grade

Step 1: Complete a Junior Journey
Your options are:
Agent of Change
Get Moving

This can be done with your troop or as an individual.

Step 2: Build Your Team
Girls should be working as a group on their Bronze Award, even if they are a Juliette. Seek out other girls and adults in the community to work with.

Step 3: Explore Your Community
Find out what’s in your community. Take a walk, visit town hall, go to the library, check out community organizations, and talk to people!

Step 4: Choose your project
Brainstorm with your team and select a project you are passionate about that meets a need in the community. 

Step 5: Make a Plan
Plan out the steps involved for the project. Assign each girl specific tasks. Make sure each girl has her own unique leadership contribution to the project, and has a minimum of 20 hours of leadership. Projects should be girl led and address a need in the community that requires planning and building relationships with the community.

Step 6: Put Your Plan in Motion
Once your plan is set, do it! Make sure you track your hours as you work on your project. The Bronze Award Take Action Project is leader approved.

Step 7: Spread the Word
Once the project is complete, take time to think about what you did, who you impacted, and what you’ve accomplished. Share your story with others! Present your story to other Girl Scouts or your classmates, or submit an article to the newspaper!

Step 8: Achievement and Council Recognition
Each girl should complete the online Bronze Award Report Form and attach their time log OR complete the Bronze Award Report Form in WORD, include the time log and submit to their leader. The leader/advisor should log on to eBiz and register Awardees under “Bronze Award Completion." Print out the eBiz confirmation page and hand carry it to a Juliette’s Closet to purchase the Bronze Award Pin. Paperwork must be submitted by September 30th of the girls’ 6th grade year.

With you troop, family and friends, celebrate your accomplishments!!

The Bronze Award Take Action Project approval is the responsibility of the leader/advisor. There is no council approval function for the Bronze Award. Assistance and support are always available at or at 800-582-7692.

Bronze Award Report Form (Word Document)
Bronze Award Triangle
Bronze Award Workbook
Time Log
At A Glance
GSUSA’s Award Page

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