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Families Helping Girls

Families Helping Girls

The  Families Helping Girls campaign is a way for Girl Scout families and members to invest in local girls’ futures by financially supporting programs, financial assistance, camp improvements, volunteer support, and other critical services.  

families helping girls patch

Every Girl Scout member (including adults!) that donates $10 or more while renewing their membership for 2022 will receive this exclusive Families Helping Girls patch and 2022 rocker.

Ready to get your Families Helping Girls patch and 2022 rocker? Renew Today!


How To Donate During Your Renewal Process

Every Girl Scout member has the opportunity to earn the Families Helping Girls patch when they renew their Girl Scout membership for 2021.

How to Donate During Your Renewal Process:

  1. Login to MyGS
  2. Select the 'Membership' tab
  3. Change the box from 'Current Year' to 'NEXT YEAR'
  4. Select members in your household to renew by choosing 'RENEW'
  5. Check the box to reaffirm the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  6. Submit payment information.*
    1. *During the payment information section, you will see the option to 'Donate'. Each individual member (girls and adults) who wish to receive a Families Helping Girls patch and 2020 rocker will choose to donate $10 or more per member.
  7. Review and confirm renewals then submit
  8. Watch for the confirmation email
  9. Get ready for another amazing year!
families helping girls patch
I've Already Renewed. Can I Still Participate?

Members who have already renewed for the 2021 Membership Year are welcome to participate in the Families Helping Girls patch program. 

All members who have already renewed, but are excited to participate can make their donation at*

*In the "Allocation" section, please select the "Families Helping Girls Campaign".

How Will I Get My Patch?

Patches and rockers will be mailed to each participating member 2-3 weeks following their membership renewal and donation.

The first batch of patches for the 2020-21 Renewal Season will be mailed out by the end of July 2020.

Have more than one Girl Scout?

Families that have more than one Girl Scout member (remember, that includes Adult Members too!) who wish to participate in the Families Helping Girls campaign can do so by donating $10+ per member.

For example: If a family is renewing one adult and two girls, they would donate $30 or more to qualify for the Families Helping Girls campaign.