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Donor Spotlight:

Carol Miller


Can you give us a brief history on your experience with the Girl Scouts?

I was painfully shy as a child, and would never speak to anyone unless they spoke to me first.  I was just afraid to take part in anything. I became a Brownie, and it turned out that most of the girls in my class were in my troop.  We enjoyed being with each other, from sharing common interests, to learning new skills. By the time I flew up to Girl Scouts I was no longer the quiet girl in the corner, I now had friends I felt safe with and enjoyed spending time with.  My positive experience led me to sign my daughter up for Girl Scouts - I even became her troop leader. And while she enjoyed Girl Scouting, I think I did even more.  I never stopped volunteering, even after my daughter graduated, and in time, I become a staff member. Now, I have even more of an opportunity to see girls discover new things, take on challenges and finally grow into amazing young women who really cared about their communities and the world. By the time I flew up to girl Scouts, I was no longer the quiet girl in the corner, I now had friends I felt safe with and enjoyed spending time with.

How has Girl Scouts impacted you?

Everything I do in my life, from how I spend my days volunteering, to socializing with friends can be traced back to my Girl Scout connections. I’ve met most of my friends during my time as a Girl Scout leader or staff member. Now that I’m retired, I love volunteering at the Girl Scout HerStory Center and most of all, spending time with the girls and volunteers. 

 I consider it a true honor.   

Why do you choose to donate your time, energy, and financial contributions to GSCSNJ?

My passion is Girl Scouts. Through the years, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact Girl Scouts has on girls. I witnessed many Daisy’s mature through the years with courage, confidence and character. Having known many of these young women become the leaders of tomorrow is a true testament to the power of Girl Scouts. I am so happy I get to continue to watch girls grow into amazing young women who really want to make a change in the world.