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Video Story Submission (Sax LLP)

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Thanks to Sax LLP, GSCSNJ have a chance to win $15,000 that will go to helping us deliver the Girl Scout mission to girls across central and southern New Jersey. But we need your help!

They want to hear from one of our girl members about her experience here - record a video and help us win!

How To Submit Your Story:

Begin by stating your name (first name, last initial) and the organization you are a beneficiary of - Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ. Please give a brief synopsis of the organization’s mission, and then answer the following: 

1. How has your individual path led you to this organization? How has this organization helped you on your own personal journey? 

2. Please identify three words you would use to describe this organization with a brief explanation as to why you chose those words. 

3. What is the most significant impact you believe this organization has made on you and others through its mission? Would you refer this organization to others? If so, who and why? What would you say?


Videos Are Judged on the Following Criteria:

·  Is this response telling of what the organization seeks to accomplish? 

·  Is this response telling of progress and impact the organization has made?

·  Is this response in line with an organization seeking to further its mission? (Girl Scouts Mission: Building girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.)

·  Have clear and real examples been given to outline the work of this organization? 

·  Has all three (3) questions been answered and fully?


Tips On Recording Your Video:

1. Check your phone’s video camera setting and capture at the highest quality. 

2. Please use the phone’s “outside” camera (the one on the back) for best quality. 

3. Please shoot the video horizontal instead of vertical. 

4. Avoid shooting in front of a window as it will most likely come out too dark. 

5. Record in a quiet room that has carpet or a good amount of fabric to soak up external noise.   


Submitting Your Video:

Please also provide 2-3 photos that demonstrate Girl Scouts' programs and/or services, as well as a signed Media Release

Your video, photos, and media release can be submitted to by 9/18/19. We'll select one of the girls' testimonials to send on to the funder (we can only submit one).


Other videos that are not submitted to the funder may be used for our (GSCSNJ) marketing and social media. If this is the case for your video, our marketing team we will reach out to you to confirm the use of your video in these ways.