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Tierna's Girl Scout Destinations Experience - CampHERO

Tierna Repelling 3

Tierna M.

CampHERO - Girl Scout Destinations

My destination trip to CampHERO this past week has definitely changed my life for the better. I have faced many of my fears, and I have learned a lot about myself. Before this trip I was interested in the possibility of being a police officer, but I was sure that I could never be a firefighter. I thought that I was not brave enough, that I was too afraid of heights, and that I wasn’t strong enough. Now I know that I can be a police officer or even a firefighter as long as I try hard enough; and that I want to be one as well. 

On this trip I learned skills and techniques that I never dreamed I would be able to accomplish. I have always been terrified of heights, and yet at CampHERO I gained the courage to climb out of a window and repel to the ground. I climbed up a ladder and jumped through a second story window. I never thought I would be able to do that. I never saw myself being strong enough to run with fire hose like a real firefighter. Despite this I gained the confidence to run through a building in turnout gear holding the nozzle of the fire hose while leading my crew. I actually shot water out of a window with a fire hose. Even though I don’t like feeling trapped in small spaces I still gained the courage I needed to make it through the confined space obstacle course. I continued to move despite my fears through all of the obstacles that scared me the most. One example was, when I climbed through a rectangular box with openings on either side, that had wires and chains bolted throughout it. 

I thought I knew what being a police officer was like, but I learned that it is so much more. I was able to meet actual police officers in different positions; such as, school resource officers, patrol officers, K9 officers, game wardens, and detectives from various departments. I was able to learn various real-life police strategies, and got to practice them in a training area at the police academy. I am usually a shy, meek person when I’m around people that are older than me, but during this training I gained the confidence to use a strong voice instead of a weak one. I learned how to be assertive when I need to be. This is a useful skill in any career especially one in emergency services. I also learned a lot about medical emergencies and first aid. I have always limited myself with the idea that I couldn’t do many of these things. This trip showed me that I really can do anything as long as I try hard enough. 

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