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Rookie Girl Scout Robotics Team Takes Home Trophy at First Lego League Robotics Competition

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This year, Girl Scout Troop 70212 formed the first Girl Scout robotics team (Emoji-Botics) in the Lawrence/Ewing/Trenton Service Unit, led by their troop leader Trisha Kennedy.

On Saturday, November 17, this 4th grade Junior Girl Scout team competed in a First Lego League Robotics Competition (ages 9-14). This young, rookie team won the Judges award as the team that stood out in all categories and impressed the judges. This huge win for the team allowed them to take home a trophy award in their first year exploring this challenging competition.

Team Emoji-Botics completed the three components of the competition.
1 - The Project: Solve a problem astronauts face in long-term space travel and build a prototype supported by research
2 - Core Values teamwork challenge
3 - Build/Code a robot for the 2.5-minute robot challenge

The girls focused on solving the problem of loneliness. Their solution is to create a robot dog for astronauts, one that includes real, freshly-groomed dog fur, so it smells like a real dog and brings comfort to dog lovers. As part of their research, the Girl Scouts spoke to two scientists, including one who studies the olfactory functions of the brain. She explained that this part of the brain connects scents to memories. 

The girls built a prototype robot and applied real dog fur to it. They also used different scents and fake fur for non-dog lovers. After performing scientific experiments, these Girl Scouts were able to prove that dog lovers felt comforted and relaxed when they smelled the freshly groomed dog fur while blindfolded.


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