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Gold Award Highlight - Sruthi

Sruthi Kunamneni

Sruthi K.

Empowering Orphans Through A Better Education


1.  What was the name and purpose of your Gold Award project?

The name of my Gold Award project was Empowering Orphans Through A Better Education.

The purpose of my project was to help the kids in an orphanage in India to get a better STEM education so that they will not face the struggles that come with insufficient education, such as poverty and bad health. I did this by teaching them the basics of coding using the website Scratch, providing them with a computer with Java software, buying them a bookshelf with books on various topics, and giving them phones with educational apps. I also raised awareness on the issues that orphans face by holding workshops.

2.  What sustainable impact did your Gold Award project have on the community? 

My project is sustainable because of the computer, books, and phones, which will stay with the orphanage. Because of these, they can continue to practice the skills they learned. Additionally, I taught an employee and the owners about all the technology. I also taught them about Khan Academy, and how the kids could practice topics that they learned in school as well as learn more. I showed them how they could track the progress of the children. They ensured that they would make sure that the kids used Khan Academy and the apps regularly. I also left my lesson plans for Scratch there, so anybody interested could learn.

3.  What insights/takeaway did you gain from your project?

Doing my Gold Award project and working with everyone at the orphanage was an invaluable experience. Seeing the kids being actively engaged in my lessons, and receiving feedback that they were practicing Scratch and using the apps on the phones voluntarily even after I left made me feel that I truly made a difference in their lives, and I felt confident that they would continue to learn more about STEM.

Additionally, I saw how grateful they were to have the computer, phones, and books, which are all things that I took for granted. This experience put my life in perspective in comparison to the struggles that the orphans faced.