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Gold Award Girl Scout Highlight - Inaya A.

Ahmed, Inaya

1.    What was the name and purpose of your Gold Award project?

My Girl Scout Gold Award project is a web app called TeensTogether, and it aims to spread awareness about service opportunities for teens. I recognized a lack of teen interest in service, so I created a web app that filters optimal service opportunities for teens.

2.     What sustainable impact did your Gold Award project have on the community?

As a part of my project, I visited schools and youth groups of different kinds to spread the word about my app, and I’ve heard from students that they love using it. Additionally, I implemented Google Analytics on my site to see how often it is used.

3.    What insights/takeaway did you gain from your project? 

A big takeaway for me was that many organizations that do really good work for the community don’t have a way for teens to get involved. That was a saddening realization for me, and I would love to get involved with those organizations to see how teens might be able to help.

4.    What is your favorite memory from your time working on your Gold Award project?

My favorite memory from my Girl Scout Gold Award project was going to schools to tell people about my project/app because I could see the community I was influencing.

5.    Anything else you'd like to share?

TeensTogether is a work in progress, and I am excited to make it better