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Volunteer Recognition (Adult Awards)


On behalf of the entire staff team and Council Board of Directors, we are so proud to acknowledge and recognize our Award recipients for the year. We thank them for all they do to champion the success of our Council and our Girls!!!!

Each of these awardees has given their time, talent and love to girls - providing them with fun experiences, learning opportunities, challenge and growth. Words can’t convey how much we appreciate all that they gave to help girls achieve their full potential. Together, we aspire to a world full of more girls of courage, confidence and character; truly, our efforts are making the world a better place.

Please take a moment to note our 2021 awardees, and join us in congratulating them!

Spirit Award

The Spirit Award recognizes and honors volunteers that are known in their community for exemplifying the true spirit of Girl Scouting. The recipient creates awareness of the Girl Scout movement in the community and has created and executed innovative programming for today’s Girl Scouts.

Christina Aydt, Timber Creek, SU 304

Kimberly Castor, Woodbridge/Carteret, SU 835

Michele Cilurso-Maahs, Ecowoods, SU 616

Roxanne Clarke, Hopewell Valley, SU 701

Kristen Coppock Crossley, Marlton, SU 285

Rebecca Cunningham, Ecowoods, SU616

Susan Dayner, Hopewell Valley, SU 701

Theresa Farmer, Town & Country, SU 258

Onelia Figueroa, Woodbridge/Carteret, SU 835

Audra Fox, Ecowoods, SU 616

Elizabeth Franke, EWAGS, SU 727

Keri Frey, Progress, SU 277

Christine Garofalo, Mount Laurel, SU 284

Shannon Gurdgiel, Tangled Webb, SU 261

Leah Guzzardo, Medford, SU 242

Sarah Leuzzi, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, SU 303

Reesa Lewandowski, EWAGS, SU 727

Barbara Linkert, Ecowoods, SU 616

Carrie Lopez, Timber Creek, SU 304

Donna McCarty, Five Star, SU 309

Jennifer Michalowski, MOJASPHE, SU 838

Julie North, Moorestown, SU 274

Pallavi Nuka, Princeton, SU 729

Tracey Pino-Murphy, LETS, SU 702

Alicia Pozsony, White Horse-Yardville, SU 705

April Ritchie, Medford, SU 242

Jen Rossi, Leaders United SU 306

Julia Schanne, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, SU 303

Karen Shenghit, ARGSSU, SU 714

Nancy Simmerman, Cape May County, SU 400

Lacey Smith, Medford, SU 242

Christine Volm, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield, SU 303

Ruth Alison Weiss, Progress, SU 277

Heather Wilkie, Harmony, SU 618

Rachael Wolfram, Moorestown, SU 274

Donna Woodruff, Lenape Pines, SU 107

Golden Rose Award

The Golden Rose Award recognizes alumnae between the ages of 21 and 35, who have continued to demonstrate their leadership skills and community service commitment with Girl Scouts. Each recipient is a registered Girl Scout and has received their Gold Award.

Taylor Dembowski, Town & Country, SU 258

Isabel Kasdin, Princeton, SU 729

Rachel Wallace, East Brunswick, Milltown, South River, SU 816

10 Year Helping Hands Award

The Helping Hands Award recognizes the above and beyond service that each recipient ahs provided to at least one area or Service Unit within the Council jurisdiction for a minimum of 10 years.

Anne Alexander, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield/Merchantville, SU 303

Lisa Diehl, Raccoon Valley, SU 686   

Julia Gomez, Sayreville-South Amboy, SU 817

Jodie Hein, Town & Country, SU 258

Lara Keller, ARGSSU, SU 714

Colleen Mivelaz, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield/Merchantville, SU 303

Kimberly Oneal, LETS, SU 702

Jeannie Pompei, Town & Country, SU 258

Alexis Steeber, Sayreville-South Amboy, SU 817

MaryBeth Wisniewski, Sayreville-South Amboy, SU 817

Colleen Wolfram, Moorestown, SU 274

20 Year Helping Hands Award

The Helping Hands 20 years award recognizes the above and beyond service that each recipient has provided to at least one area of Service Unit within the Council jurisdiction for a minimum of 20 years.

Maryellen DeMille, Moorestown, SU 274

Laura Felton, Princeton, SU 729

Laura Matecha, White Horse-Yardville, SU 705

Phyllis Terez, East Brunswick/South River/Milltown, SU 816

Outstanding Community Partners

The Outstanding Community Partner Award recognizes a business, organization, or individual who has championed the Girl Scout mission for a minimum of 3 years through collaborative efforts to bring the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls in all communities.

Victoria’s Bagel Bistro: Victoria Feehan, Owner
Mt. Laurel, SU 284

Papa Luigi’s: Louie Guardascione and Shelly Guardascione, Owner
Crow Pond, SU 927

Cub Pack 53: Rob Lisk, Assistant Cub Master

Elks Lodge #1955: Lou Gamba, Exalted Ruler

Men’s Warehouse: Wilfredo Martinez, Store Manager
Lenape Pines, SU 107

Sheltered Yoga: Tina LeMar, Founder
White Horse - Yardville, SU 705

First Baptist Church of Pitman: Reverend Randy Van Osten
Tri-Sisters, SU 617

St. Bernadette Roman Catholic Church: Reverend James W. Hagerman
Sayreville-South Amboy, SU 817

First United Methodist Church of Glassboro: Ginger Sinning, Girl Scout Liaison
Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Thomas E. Bowe School: Patty Smith, Secretary
Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Medford Lakes Colony: Millie Linett, Office Manager
Medford Lakes, SU 243

Pearson Memorial United Methodist Church: Pastor Jessica Stenstrom
White Horse - Yardville, SU 705

Aldersgate United Methodist Church: Pastor Erica Munoz
East Brunswick/South River/Milltown, SU 816

Community Volunteer: Sharon Kane, Organizer
Cape May, SU 400

Glassboro First United Methodist Church: Pastor John Inverso
Tri-Sisters, SU 617

American Workcare: Dr. Michael Bojarski
Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Years of Membership (25 Plus)

The years of membership pin depicts the number of years (as a girl and adult) a person has been a registered member of the Girl Scout Movement.

Stephen Forrsell, Years of Membership - 15 Years, SU 277

Tracy Penven, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 927

Jennifer Skolar, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 705

Louisa Ho, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 728

Julianne Gaunt, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 309

Maggie Dolan, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 686

Lisa Dalton, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 729

Laura Felten, Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 729

Nancy Nitti Years of Membership - 25 Years, SU 258

Kathie Foderaro, Years of Membership - 30 Years, SU 817

Deb Hartshorn, Years of Membership - 30 Years, SU 258

Carole Pulaski, Years of Membership - 30 Years, SU 246

Linda Gallucci, Years of Membership - 35 Years, SU 830

Linda Anderson, Years of Membership - 40 Years, SU 702

Barbara Linkert, Years of Membership - 40 Years, SU 616

Years of Service (15 Plus)

The years of service pin recognizes an adult member registered with Girl Scouts for their years of active volunteer service. 

Colleen Mivelaz, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 303

Jeanette Covert, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 303

Christine Gerstenfeld, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 284

Kathleen Casano, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 817

MaryBeth Wisniewski, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 817

Deborah Corrington, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 714

Bonnie Gooley, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 714

Terry Camoratto, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 400

Jaclyn Bechtler, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 400

Theresa Hart, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 400

Nancy Simmerman, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 400

Sue Evans, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 729

Karen Freundlich, Years of Service - 15 years, SU 729

Laura Matecha, Years of Service - 20 years, SU 705

Deb Hartshorn, Years of Service - 20 years, SU 258

Debbie Rodia, Years of Service - 25 years, SU 705

Linda McGovern, Years of Service - 25 years, SU 817

Virginia Clair Bartkowicz, Years of Service - 30 years, SU 817

Appreciation Award

The Appreciation Pin recognizes a volunteer who has delivered outstanding service to at least one geographic area, Service unit, or program delivery audience. The candidate’s service goals beyond expectations for their position and furthers the Council’s goals.

Dana Banas, Town & Country, SU 258

Chrissy Barre, North/New Brunswick, SU 815

Lisa Bodnar, South Brunswick, SU 824

Susan Casey, Woodbridge Township & Carteret, SU 835 

Kimberly Cenno-Mackney, Town & Country, SU 258

Lynn Crotty, Town & Country, SU 258

Carrie Don, Town & Country, SU258

Christine Duncombe, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield/Merchantville, SU 303

Susan Evans, Princeton, SU 729   

Judy Findeison, Lenape Pines, SU 107

Karen Forst, Harmony, SU 618

Gladys Goire-Colon, Marlton, SU 285

Alyssa Green, Moorestown, SU 274

Nicole Gruber, ECO Woods, SU616

Catherine Guagenti, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield/Merchantville, SU 303

Sharon Kaplan, East Brunswick/South River/Milltown, SU 816

Shawn Keating, Harmony, SU 618

Michelle Krzykalski, Marlton, SU 258

Teresa Leavy, Five Star, SU 309

Christine LeCompte, Maple Shade, SU 275

Lauren Lepore, South Brunswick, SU 824

Julia Levy, ECO Woods, SU 616

Marissa Lonardo, Woodbridge Township & Carteret, SU 835

Jennifer McCann, SU 929

Juliet Onesti, ECO Woods, SU 616

Raquel Parker, North Burlington County, SU 255

Kelly Pinto, Tangled WEBB, SU 261

Tashana Potter, East Brunswick/South River/Milltown, SU 816

Christine Scarpa, Leaders United, SU 306

Christine Scarpa, Cape May County, SU 400

Hema Shankar, West Windsor-Plainsboro, SU 728

Lori Tomlin, Inland & Island, SU 101

Debbie Toutman, Sayreville/South Amboy, SU 817

Ruth Wadsworth, Cape May, SU 400

Betsy Wallace Saunders, West Windsor-Plainsboro, SU 728

Nicole Wenzel, Marlton, SU 285

Christina Williams, Harmony, SU 618

Honor Award

The Honor Pin recognizes a volunteer who has delivered outstanding service to two or more geographic areas of program delivery audiences. 

Heather Curley, Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Henry Curley, Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Thanks Badge

The Thanks Badge recognizes the truly outstanding service that benefits the total Council of the entire Girl Scout Movement and is so significantly above and beyond the call of duty that no other award should be appropriate.

Kathleen Pearce, Cherry Hill/Haddonfield/Merchantville, SU 303

Jennifer Romond, Leaders United, SU 306

2021 S.T.A.R. Service Units

Service Team Achievement Recognition

SU107  |  Lenape Pines

SU243  |  Medford Lakes

SU244  |  Southampton

SU246  |  Tabernacle

SU247  |  Shamong

SU250  |  Fort Berry Woods

SU255  |  Northern Burlington

SU258  |  Town & Country

SU261  |  Tangled Webb

SU271  |  Rancocas Valley

SU275  |  Maple Shade

SU284  |  Mount Laurel

SU285  |  Marlton

SU302  |  Camden

SU304  |  Timber Creek

SU306  |  Leader's United

SU309  |  Five Star

SU400  |  Cape May County

SU512  |  Wihe'tonga

SU616  |  ECO Woods

SU617  |  Tri Sisters

SU618  |  Harmony

SU686  |  Racoon Valley

SU702  |  LETS

SU714  |  Allentown/Robbinsville

SU728  |  West Windsor/Plainsboro

SU729  |  Princeton

SU807  |  Edison/Metuchen/Highland Park

SU816  |  East Brunswick/Milltown/SouthRiver

SU835  |  Woodbridge Township and Carteret


SU927  |  Crowpond

Adult Awards Committee

Mary Farmer Daley, Medford Lakes, SU 243

Monica Francesconi, Progress, SU 277 

Deb Hartshorn, Town & Country, SU 258 

Mary Howard, Raccoon Valley, SU 686 

Brenda Parker, Five Star, SU 309

Debbie Rodia, Hamilton, SU 735

Janice Smith, Tri-Sisters, SU 617

Margaret M. Smith, Timber Creek, SU 304

Ramona Taylor, Sayreville/South Amboy, SU 817

We encourage you to nominate fellow volunteers for their wonderful accomplishments and we thank you for those efforts ahead of time. Nominations received by June 30th will be reviewed by the volunteer Adult Awards Committee and presented by the Council in November.

If you have questions or would like to be part of the volunteer Adult Awards Committee, contact us at