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Volunteer Highlights

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Dawn Larkin

Can you tell us about your experience with Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ?

My experiences with Girl Scouts have all been positive ones. From council and down, I have met people who are supportive, willing to help, and always willing to lead in the right direction.  


Why do you choose to invest your time in Girl Scouts?

I have chosen to invest my time with Girl Scouts through the years because I genuinely believe that it is one of the few places where girls feel free to be girls. To be themselves. In my own troop, as our girls have grown older, they have always looked at our troop as their safe zone. No judgment and free to talk about whatever issues that concern them. One of our Seniors recently referred to our meetings as her weekly therapy. 


What impact does volunteering with Girl Scouts have on your life?

I have personally made life-long friends and so has my daughter. We have given my daughter a love of volunteering and helping those less fortunate than herself. Girls have come and gone through the years, but I will always remember all of them. 


Can you share your most memorable Girl Scout story with us?

One of my most memorable moments with Girl Scouts… it’s hard to choose! We have had many awesome, powerful, and memorable experiences over the years. The trips we have gone on will be something I will always remember. Our trips have included Walt Disney World in Florida and Disney in Paris. 


Anything else you would like to share?

I believe that every girl should be given the opportunity to join Girl Scouts. To learn and grow and experience what my daughter and I have together with our troop.