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Volunteer Highlights


Susan Kleinschmidt

1. Can you tell us about your experience with Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ?

I began my Girl Scout career back when Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ was still the Delaware Raritan Girl Scout council.  We had our meetings after school and walked to our local church passing the 5&10 to pick up a penny candy treats along the way(yes I am old). We worked on badges and had to have our leaders sign that we had completed each step. We walked through neighborhoods to carol during Christmas time, marched in the Memorial Day parade, traveled to Washington DC, and biked through Killington, Vermont.  My troop went camping, troop camping, and summer camping at Camp Sacajawea. One of my favorite memories was all the wonderful Girl Scout songs we used to sing around the campfire.  

 2. Why do you choose to invest your time in Girl Scouts?

Throughout Girl Scouts, I had wonderful strong female leaders who instilled courage, confidence, and character into myself. I remained in Girl Scouts through my time at a women’s college in Frederick, MD.  Once I graduated, I had my first stint as a young troop leader in Western Maryland. Once back in New Jersey I became a leader for my niece’s troop and now my daughter's troop, hoping I can give back to the girls what my leaders instilled in me.

3. What impact does volunteering with Girl Scouts have on your life?

These days in Girl Scouting, girls can learn to do anything. I enjoy helping them learn, grow and I enjoy providing them with experiences and activities that they might not have experienced if it wasn’t for Girl Scouts. I have been with my current troop since they were kindergartners and they are now 10th graders! It is amazing and fulfilling to see how they have grown over the years, and I hope I am doing my part to help them develop into courageous and confident young women who know they can do anything they set their minds to! 

4. Can you share your most memorable Girl Scout story with us?

My most memorable Girl Scout experiences have been when my troop worked together to accomplish tasks. Some of the things they have done include earning their Girl Scout Bronze Award, held a birthday party for Homefront, and held several Halloween parties for younger troops and badge workshops too.  Seeing the girls’ satisfaction of a job well done and a goal accomplished makes the time and effort I put into Girl Scouts so worthwhile!