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Strong Girl: Healthy Living Summit


The Strong Girl Healthy Living Summit is a day designed for you to take a step back and learn lifelong health habits for your mind, body, and spirit. Working with Subject Matter experts, you will enjoy a fun-filled day of workshops where you will learn skills that you can use in your own life, and gain knowledge of how to better manage your mental and physical health.

At Strong Girl, you might…

  • Learn mindfulness techniques to help destress when you need it most
  • Learn skills for making friends and building healthy relationships
  • Make and taste test simple, healthy snacks
  • Dance it out or try a new activity like archery or yoga
  • Learn self-defense and other ways to stay safe
  • … and much, much more!

When Girl Scouts take the time to care for themselves in whichever ways work best for them, they’ll find their version of strength.

Grades: K-12
Date: April 23, 2022
Time: 11:30am-5:15pm
Location: Camp Inawenidwin, Tabernacle, NJ
Patch Information: Girls will earn a 2022 GSCSNJ Strong Girl Patch (included with registration).
Cost:  $35/Girl   |   $5/Adult

Girls will have the opportunity to attend workshops based on their interests and Girl Scout Level, and selections will be made during the registration process.

Workshops are subject to change. Each Girl will receive their final schedule during check in on the day of the event.

Senior and Ambassador Girl Scouts will have the opportunity to volunteer for this event by filling out the Volunteer Interest form.

This is a non-drop off event. Troop Leaders and registered adults are asked to register and cover ratios for their Girl Scouts. If your Troop Leader is not attending the event, please have a parent or guardian register to cover ratios.

Session Schedules by Grade Level


Session Descriptions

Rock Wall & Fun Zone

Girls are encouraged to reach the top during individual and team challenges. There will be fun and games for each level, including the rock wall and bubble fun for everyone!

Healthy Snacks

Healthy? Check! Yummy? Check! Easy to make? Check! Learn how to make simple, healthy snacks (and taste test along the way, of course)!

Yoga Hike

In the beautiful setting of Camp Inawendiwin, girls will join a professional Yoga instructor on a 30-minute hike with intermittent yoga poses. Please bring water and your sense of adventure!

Pamper Me!

Relax, unwind, and learn about the importance of self-care! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to zen your stress away while creating your very own DIY Pamper Me kit. There will be a few surprises along the way!

How Will You Grow?

Create your own terrarium while learning the benefits of spending time in nature and how to care for yourself (and your plant!) in order to be healthy and grow.

Stress Busters

Try different stress relief and relaxation techniques and learn how to make your own DIY stress balls. You will leave with ideas on how to bust stress in every situation.

Verbal Empowerment

Girl Drama? Yo-Yo friend? In this verbal karate and conflict resolution workshop, you will learn verbal strategies to use in the face of mean behaviors, bullying, and friendship drama. Through fun and interactive roleplaying activities, you will learn how to better communicate with your peers, project a confident attitude, and increase respect for yourself and others.


Guided by our Outdoor Team, girls will be instructed on the exciting sport of Archery. They will learn about archery equipment, safety, and how to practice good form before going to shoot on the archery range. Archery takes courage, focus, good form, and a strong girl.

Strong Girl Tumbling

With the help from the athletes at Rock Star Cheer and Tumble, girls will work on their gross motor and entry-level skills. They will be instructed on how to safely do a forward roll, backward roll, handstand, cartwheel, round-off, bridge, backbend kick over, back walkover, and back handsprings. Girls will practice being courageous and strong as they learn new tumbling skills.

What’s Your Superpower?

Design your own superhero cape and make new friends in a positive setting. Then, add a touch of positivity to each other’s cape. You will leave with the skills to build new friendships!

Daisy Slingshot

Good marksmanship helps to develop positive traits- such as patience, discipline, determination, focus, attention to detail, and persistence. In this Slingshot session, girls will focus on safety, shooting techniques, and end with instructor guided target practice.

Dance It Out!

Rock Star Cheer will teach the girls how much therapy there can be in Just Dancing it Out! They will learn a simple routine that they can perform together or individually practice to their favorite music. No prior dance training required.

Kindness Rocks!

Make pet rocks and kindness stones while learning ways to be kind to yourself and spread that kindness to others!

Yoga 101

In this session the girls will be introduced to Yoga. They will have a professional yoga instructor teach them poses and stretches to improve their strength and focus. Please wear appropriate clothing. Limited number of yoga mats will be provided so please feel free to bring your own or even a beach towel.

Self Defense

Girls will learn physical self defense techniques and awareness strategies to increase safety and school, home, and play.

Can you BEAR it?

Bear breathing? Butterfly hugs? In this workshop, you'll learn tips on how to feel better when you're feeling down. You'll leave knowing how to make bad days a lot more BEAR-able.

Positive Body Image Painting

Learn how artists use self-portraiture to express how they see themselves, inside and out. Then, you’ll join in fun interactive activities designed to boost your own positive body image. Please note this is a double session and will take up session 1 and 2.

What’s Your Word?

What is your power word? Don’t have one? Join us to determine what that word will be. At the end of this workshop girls will have selected a power word and created a bracelet as a daily reminder of their inner strength.

Stretch & Pull

Learn how to properly stretch and pull using your own body weight and learn tips to help set and maintain fitness goals.

Communication & Conflict Resolution

Girls will learn the different types of communication styles, how to manage their own emotions in positive ways, and discuss conflict resolution and role-playing exercises.

Behind the Mask

Girls will be shown a display of Mardi Gras style masks to look at and discuss the beauty they see in the masks. Using blank masks as a canvas, together girls will explore their thoughts on inner and outer beauty and design a personalized mask. Girls will leave this session with tools to strengthen their self esteem. Please note this is a double session and will take place in sessions 3 and 4.

Healthy - Fast!

Short on time? Learn quick, healthy snacks to make for nutrition on the go.

Packing for College

Ready to take on the world at college? Join an expert in the field that will help you know not only what you need to bring physically, but mentally, too.

Building & Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Learn how to build positive and lasting relationships with yourself and others, discuss the traits of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and discuss how to avoid and overcome bullying.

Strong Girl Athletic Training

Along with Rock Star Cheer’s Physical Therapy Team, girls will learn how to properly stretch while training their body for athletics and good fitness. They will also learn tips when to help them with minor sports related injuries.

Additional Information

What to Bring

Please make sure your Girl Scout is dressed appropriately in clothing they feel comfortable moving in. Please have them bring a small water reusable water bottle to the event as well.

COVID Information

Please visit our website at for the most up to date COVID guidelines. Masks are required for all participants and presenters at this event.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Jessica Hunter at

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