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Surviving in the Wild: Foraging in The Pinelands (Younger)5/23/21

Sun May 23, 12:45 AM - 2:00 PM
Outdoors & Camp
Brownie, Junior

Would you know what to eat if you were stranded in the wilds of South Jersey?! Learn how to find wild edible plants that grow in the Pinelands area, nutrients that you need, and how to obtain them in the wild. Fun patch included.*
We will discuss how to positively identify plants, with an emphasis on safety!
The program will be led by Debbie Naha-Koretzky (also known as The Wild Edibles Lady). Debbie is a licensed dietitian nutritionist, naturalist, author, and foraging instructor.
Check out her awesome video!
*A local plant guidebook, written by Debbie (our expert), can be purchased separately for $30, prior to the event. Please contact if you wish to purchase this great resource!
Must register one week in advance.