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Cookie Lab - 2 Day Program (Grade 6-12) 2/6/21

Tue Feb 16, 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Life Skills
Cadette, Senior, Ambassador

Grade (6-12)

Have you ever wondered why some cookies are soft and others are crispy? In this 2 day program girls will learn how to use the Scientific Method to conduct their experiment by baking 2 types of chocolate cookies.

This is a 2 day program - February 16th and February 17th @6-7 PM

February 16th @ 6-7 PM - Day 1

Day 1: Girls will make cookie dough for both recipes.

Before Day 2: Girls will bake both types of cookies, with adult supervision.

February 17th @ 6-7 PM - Day 2

Day 2: Girls will reveal their discoveries and talk about what improvements they would implement for the future.