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The 2021 Cookie Program runs from
January 14 - April 18, 2021

Cookie Rewards

In addition to learning lots of awesome skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, girls can earn some exciting rewards. The more you sell, the more you earn!

To view all 2021 rewards, download the
2021 Cookie Incentive Flyer.

Set your selling goal based on the items you'd like to earn. Rewards are cumulative - you will earn rewards at every level you reach.

Participation Patch

12-35 pkgs

Theme  Patch

36+ pkgs

Cookie Share Patch

Did you know?! You can also earn a patch for participating in our Cookie Donation Program.

Collect 12+ pkgs of VIRTUAL Cookie Share donations

Achievement Bars

Begins at 100 packages. Earned at the highest level achieved.

Cookie Cross Over Patch

To earn, girls must:

  1. Create a custom avatar in the 2020 Fall Program and have sent 15+ emails in M2OS
  2. Send 15+ emails in Smart Cookies and sell 225+ packages of cookies during the 2021 Cookie Program
Rewards for Online Sales

Online Patch

Sell 12+ packages of cookies on Smart Cookies DirectShip.

Drawstring Bag

Sell 36+ packages of cookies on Smart Cookies DirectShip.

Options for Cadette, Senior & Ambassador Troops

Older girl troops (grades 6-12) can opt-out of Cookie Program rewards and earn higher proceeds. Girls may choose to do this, because they prefer the extra proceeds to help their entire troop complete activities instead of receiving individual rewards.

Older Girl Troops that opt-out of rewards for higher proceeds will still earn patches and the 500, 1000, and 1,100 prize levels. This decision must be made by a troop as a whole.


Leaders can review and complete the Older Girl Reward Opt-Out form.

Please Note: This form must be submitted with troop's final paperwork and turned into the Service Unit Cookie Manager.