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The 2023 Cookie Program will run
January 12th to March 5th.

Smart Cookies

It’s True! The Girl Scout Cookie Program Has Gone Digital!

Girls use the Smart Cookies site to set their cookie goals, manage their cookie sales, track their progress, view recognitions, and send Smart Cookies e-cards to customers. Girls can also manage their sale on-the-go with Smart Cookies Mobile. With Smart Cookies...

  • Customers can now order any variety of Girl Scout Cookies in whatever quantity they want!
  • Customers enjoy 2-day shipping to most of the U.S.
Here's a 3-step recipe to Smart Cookies Success:

Step 1: Create an Account
Step 2: Download the App
Step 3: Explore the Platform


Plus, it’s all easy, fun, safe, and super cool!

Visit to learn more or contact us for assistance!


How To Use Smart Cookies:

Guides for Girls & Families
Get Started
  1. Parents/Guardians will receive an email from with the girl's registration link. Click the link to complete her registration in Smart Cookies. The link will begin with .
  2. Note: If you can't find the email from ABC Smart Cookies, be sure to check your junk folder and contact us if you are still unable to locate the email.

  3. Create a username and password to log into her account.
  4. Confirm your girl’s grade and apparel size. Feel free to add a photo if you’d like.

  5. Click Submit.

  6. Now, when you log into Smart Cookies with the username and password you created in step two, you will automatically start on the Dashboard tab. To return to the Dashboard from a different tab in Smart Cookies click the Dashboard tab located next to the Smart Cookies logo.

Set a Sales Goal
  1. Once your Girl Scout has decided what her selling goal will be for this year, log into Smart Cookies and enter the number of packages in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Note: This number can be updated at any time.

  3. You and your Girl Scout can click on any of the package ranges to see what the rewards are at that level. Hint: This might influence her goal number!

  4. Check your Girl Scout’s sales numbers on the Dashboard. You can view total sales credited and how those cookies were sold (girl delivery, booth, donations, direct ship, etc.). You can also see your troop’s top sellers and congratulate them for their progress!


    Note: If any numbers do not look correct on the Dashboard, please check first with your Troop Cookie Manager. They can verify if everything has been entered and run reports to find the most up to date information.


Complete a Cookie Order (With Credit Card Payments)
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Girls can accept credit card payments (with NO expense to the girl or troop!) through Smart Cookies on any device - smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers. No card reading device is required.


Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ will pay all credit card processing fees, allowing girls to focus on achieving their Girl Scout Cookie goal! 



When taking in-person orders for girl delivery, record them in Smart Cookies using the following steps:

  1. Select Take Cookie Order from the My Orders tab.

  3. Enter in the required information.

  5. To record a customer’s address and phone number for future delivery, select Optional Information, and enter in those details.

  7. Click Next.

  9. Enter in the number of packages the customer has requested. You can see the total packages and total amount due at the bottom of the order sheet.

  11. Record the delivery and payment details. Select Ordered if a customer ordered but has not received cookies. Select Delivered if they ordered and received their cookies. This will help you and your Girl Scout keep track of orders by knowing which customers need to receive cookies and/or pay for cookies.

  13. Select Yes if they have paid or No if they have not. When you select yes, you will need to indicate the payment method: cashcheck, or credit.

  14. Select Next
    • If Credit is chosen, enter the credit card information
    • Select Pay Now
    • You are done! (the customer should get an email almost immediately)


  15. The Manage My Orders page will automatically load, so you can see this order and all other orders your Girl Scout has taken.

Manage Orders
  1. Once logged into Smart Cookies select Manage My Orders on the My Orders tab.

  3. At the top you will see Total Packages OrderedTotal Direct ShipTotal Girl Delivery, and if your Girl Scout has any orders that still need to be delivered or paid for, they will appear under Action Needed.

  5. You will see a table with your Girl Scout’s total orders and the details of each individual order taken.

  7. You can view the full order and update contact information by selecting the blue dots on the far right side.

  9. Orders that have not been delivered or paid for will have a blue pencil on the right side of the order. Select the pencil to update the delivery or payment status.

Manage Contacts

If your Girl Scout is sending e-cards to customers, you can add their information to a list of contacts to speed up the e-card delivery process. You can either add contacts one at a time or add them all at once with a spreadsheet.

To add contacts one at a time:
  1. Once logged into Smart Cookies select My Contacts from the My Orders tab.

  3. In the top right corner, select Add Contact.

  5. Enter their first namelast nameemail, and any other contact information you will need throughout the sale.

  7. Click Save.

  8. You can edit or delete by selecting the blue dots on the right side of the contact listed on the My Contacts page.

To add contacts in bulk from a spreadsheet:
  1. Enter all your contacts into any spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Organize the information into columns: first name, last name, email address. Do not use a heading row. See the example below:








  3. Save your file type as CSV (Comma Separated Values/Comma Delimited)

  4. Once logged into Smart Cookies select My Contacts from the My Orders tab.

  5. Select Import Contacts in the bottom right corner.

  7. Select the file from your computer, and click Upload

View the e-Card section in the Smart Cookies Guide for Families to learn the next steps in reaching out to your customers.

Share Your Girl's Unique Sales Link

Through Smart Cookies, Girl Scouts can utilize social media as long as they comply with the Cookie Program Internet Sale Rules. Girls can create a sales video or share a Direct Ship link to increase sales.

  1. Once logged into Smart Cookies select Share My Cookie Link from the My Orders tab.

  3. If your girl creates a video to share her cookie sale goals with family and friends, upload the video, paste the video link in the box and click Submit. This will add the video to your e-cards.


  5. To share a way for people to purchase cookies from your Girl Scout online and have the cookies shipped to them directly, they may do so by following your Girl Scout’s Direct Ship link. Select Copy Link, and paste in the appropriate place.


Note: If someone is interested in ordering cookies to be delivered by your Girl Scout instead of direct shipping, they will need to either receive an e-card from your Girl Scout or give you their order manually into Smart Cookies system.



Sending e-Cards

  1. Once logged into Smart Cookies select Send e-card from the My Orders tab.

  2. Select the contacts to whom your girl wishes to send the e-card, or add a new contact on the bottom line.

  4. Select Next to continue.

  5. All customers have the option to have cookies shipped directly to them from the baker. If you would like to add the option for girl delivery to nearby customers, check the Girl Delivery box.

  7. Click Next to continue.

  8. Create your personal messages. Check as many messages as you would like, and be sure to fill in the blanks!

  10. Click Next to continue.

  11. Review your messages and the recipients. When everything looks good, click Send Now. You will see a confirmation message that your e-card was sent.


Managing e-Cards

  1. Once logged into Smart Cookies select View e-cards Sent  from the  My Orders  tab.

  3. The top four boxes show you and your Girl Scout the total e-cards sent, the percentage of e-cards viewed, the percentage of orders placed through an e-card, and how many e-cards have not been opened yet.

  5. In the grid, you will be able to see more detailed information about each individual e-card like the date it was sent, customer name, customer email address, and its current status of either ViewedOrdered, or No Response.

  7. You may also view the full e-card by selecting the three vertical dots on the right side.

Bonus Features!

Save On Shipping

Save on Shipping!

As a courtesy to your customers, Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ will pay 50% of the shipping cost for customer orders starting at 9 packages. The reduced shipping cost will appear in the online checkout, no promo code needed.