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Christina Malmgren | Volunteer Highlight

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Can you tell us about your experience with Girl Scouts of Central & Southern NJ?

I started with this organization (same location, possible different name) as a Girl Scout. My leader, Ms. Linda, was the type of adult I wanted to be, she was confident, put together, creative, and caring. When my daughter became of enrollment age, guess what we did? Yup, she started her path with Girl Scouts. I would attend the meetings helping where asked. My daughter's leader, Ms. Dawn Larkin, recognized that I was "that" parent who didn't want to leave their child. She invited me to step-up as a leader. While being a leader, I attended Service Unit meetings, it was there I was asked to "fill in" at a SUM meeting for one month. That was almost five years ago that Christine Scarpa and I have been Co-SUMs of Cape May County. I have had the honor to experience seven different countries with Girl Scouts, make life long friends, and started to become who I want to be. It has been thirteen years, my daughter is now in college, and I've stayed. I currently serve as a Delegate / Corporate Voting Member for Cape May County, Adult Volunteer Chair, Fall Product Manager, and continue as a Co-SUM while maintaining a full-time job. At this point, GSCSNJ is a part of who I am.


Why do you choose to invest your time in Girl Scouts?

I have continued to invest my time with Girl Scouts because I believe in the cause. I believe our generation has a duty to help tomorrow's leaders be the best version of themselves.


What impact does volunteering with Girl Scouts have on your life?

Volunteering has multiple impacts on my life. I have found wanderlust through it. I have the opportunity to interact with other local groups in shaping our community. I feel as if I have a purpose.


How have you stayed connected to Girl Scouts during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Our Service Unit has continued to thrive during social distancing. Monthly meetings are now hosted outside around a fire while live-streamed. There are continued text chains and emails. Online events for the Girl Scouts have truly been a bright spot for the girls' social interaction needs.


Can you share your most memorable Girl Scout story with us?

There isn’t “one most memorable” Girl Scout story to share; how could I choose just one? I would have to say there is at least one favorite memory for my childhood experience in a troop, my troop of Girl Scouts, my co-leaders, fellow leaders, SU team, GSCSNJ staff, and most importantly, my daughter. I have 13 years of memories that are shaping my daily life.