Council Trainer

GSCSNJ serves more than 22,000 girls and 11,000 adults. To do this we need energetic and dedicated volunteers to become Council Trainers. Council trainers work with our Adult Learning Services department to implement and deliver required trainings and enrichment workshops to volunteers and older Girl Scouts.

Who can be a Council Trainer?
Anyone! Many times, Council Trainers are volunteers who have served the council in other roles such as leaders, service team members, troop camping certified adults, first aiders or troop helpers. Other times Council Trainers have no Girl Scout experience at all but recognize the value of the Girl Scout program and give their time to help others make the most out of their commitment in becoming a Girl Scout volunteer.

What do Council Trainers do?
Specialize in one or more areas, such as leadership, outdoor, safety, enrichment, events, or travel. Teach two or more sessions yearly and attend monthly Trainer meetings to learn about new course content, training resources and updates.

How do you become a Council Trainer?
To become a Council Trainer, you need to complete an application, undergo a brief interview, become a Girl Scout member and attend a one-day “Facilitating Adult Learning” course. The course is free of charge to Girl Scout members.

Why become a Council Trainer?

  • Learn new skills
  • Increase Girls Scout knowledge
  • Sharpen your facilitation skills
  • Teach fellow volunteers
  • Improve lives of young girls
  • Have a huge impact on the upcoming generation of women
  • Spend time with like-minded volunteers
  • Share with a multidisciplinary and multifaceted group of adult trainers
  • BBQ and Trainer Retreat
  • It's fun!

View the Council Trainer Position Description. For more information or to become a volunteer Council Trainer, please contact Stephanie Fowle at or 609-849-0741.

Council Trainer Awards
Our Council Trainers do amazing things and deserve to be recognized! Below are the Council Trainer Awards presented at the May 2014 Annual Council Trainer BBQ:

Lifesaver Award: Freddye Hutchings
Earliest To Schedule: Rhonda Weider
Most GSCSNJ Standard Trainings Scheduled: Kathleen Pearce
Most Outdoor 102 Scheduled: Nora Bahr
Most Outdoor 103 Scheduled: Valerie Danzey
Attended The Most Trainers Meetings: Dana Fantini and Forrest Robleto
Trained The Most Volunteers In One Session: Audrey Howard, Opal Stockwell, Linda Palmquist, Debbie Furmanski, Valerie Danzey (42)
Trained The Most Volunteers Including GS 102: Jean Ward (271)
Trained The Most Volunteers Overall: Forrest Robleto (331)
Biggest Variety of Trainings Given: Dana Fantini
Trained For Girl Scouts the Longest: Opal Stockwell