Enrichment Opportunities

WOW – World of Workshops

Adult volunteers, leaders, parents and girl members age 14 and older are invited to come to the World of Workshops. Enjoy multiple enrichment workshops, mingle with volunteers from our council and network with sister Girl Scouts.


STEM 1.0 – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Research has shown that girls become less interested in these subjects at around 12 years old. Join us for a day of fun and interesting workshops with an emphasis on S.T.E.M. topics that will have you doing activities you can bring back to use as girl programming and/or for your own use.

STEM 1.0
STEM 1.0 is an all-day adult training event with 50 minute workshops presented each hour. All workshops are interactive and teach either science, technology, engineering and/or math to adult volunteers that can then teach what they learned to girls ages 5-18. Girls age 14 and older may register for this event.

Some of the workshops that have been offered or are being offered at STEM 1.0:

  • Be The Blood
  • Cooks Are Chemists
  • Flowing Fluid Fun
  • H2 Olympics
  • How To Make A Rain Barrel
  • Lego Robotics For Dummies Or How to Start Your Own Team Without Really Trying
  • Jiggle Gels
  • My Favorite Science Activities
  • Robotics!!! (Grades 8 & Up)
  • Rocket Science For Brownies & Beyond
  • Sum Of The Part


Green Apple Workshops

A Green Apple Workshop based on a specific topics designed to serve as an enrichment opportunity for Girl Scout volunteers, Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors. A volunteer may use the information delivered in these workshops for individual use with a troop, service unit or committee. Workshops cover a variety of topics. Some are for personal enrichment and others are to enhance troop program.

Title Description
Green Apple: Troop Management Get a handle on how to manage required paperwork so you can spend more time with the girls! Troop records, reports, recognition tracking, event sign-ups, financial recordkeeping and general management skills will be covered to help you make the most of your valuable time.
Green Apple: Between Earth and Sky for Daisy Volunteers This leadership journey features the story of 3 flower friends on a road trip that takes them through some of the world's greatest landscapes. Why is that uniqueness is important? Why does it matter so much? Join us at this hands-on workshop to find out the answers!
Green Apple: 3 Cheers For Animals for Daisy Volunteers Do your girls love animals? Learn how to use their passion to explore with animals around the world and discover about themselves in their travels. GSCSNJ now offers a Green Apple Workshop to help troop leaders on this journey. This workshop is a great way for leaders to learn how to make the journey fun for their Daisies’.
Green Apple: Brownie Quest for Brownie Volunteers Come DISCOVER the inside track of the Brownie Quest. Network with other volunteers to discuss the many ways badges, trips and activities are CONNECTED to earning the 3 keys of leadership. Learn how to help the girls plan and carry out their TAKE ACTION project to make the world a better place and earn the Brownie Quest Award.
Green Apple: WOW! Wonders of Water for Brownie Volunteers In this Journey the Brownie friends and Brownie Elf enjoy some wonder-filled adventures as they pledge to protect water and inspire others to follow their lead. Learn how to navigate the girls’ adventures in this hands-on workshop.
Green Apple: A World of Girls for Brownie Volunteers Stories and clues are everywhere! They are in ads, TV shows, magazines, the news and even on cereal boxes. Learn how to engage the girls in the world of stories in a way that gets them looking for clues to make the world a better place.
Green Apple: aMuse for Junior Volunteers Do you have a troop full of Divas? Then this is the journey of their dreams. Explore all the roles that women play and get to play along the way. Girls will explore how to be a great role model and what all these roles mean to them. We’ll explore acting, creativity, costumes, and just plain fun while learning the basics of using this journey with your troop.
Green Apple: aMaze for Cadette Volunteers Learn how to guide Cadettes through the twists and turns of creating healthy relationships and long lasting friendships. Ultimately, the girls become ready to amaze the world with Take Action Projects that mobilize ever wider circles of people in positive and peaceful interactions.
Green Apple: Breathe for Cadette Volunteers Learn how to guide the girls as they use their leadership skills and values to protect the air of Planet Earth. This journey invites girls to engage their minds and hearts as they explore air with all of their senses. This experience will help them become future stewards of the environment.

Green Apple: Sow What for Senior Volunteers

Seniors investigate the food network; no not cable TV. The real food network that gets each piece of food to the table.
Green Apple: Bliss for Ambassador Volunteers Learn how to guide Ambassadors as they figure out what their Bliss is, how they live it and how do they give it.