Take Action


A Take Action project picks up from where a short-term project leaves off. For example, the girls organizing the book or clothing drive could make their project a Take Action project by holding the drive annually and getting a sponsor to advertise and organize it every year. The girls who painted the walls to cover up graffiti can create a club that travels around the city painting beautiful murals on buildings that have been defaced. And the girls who held the march or fair could expand the event to include community artisans and make it an annual gathering.

communityWhen girls pursue Take Action projects, they take time to identify and understand the root cause of the issue they are addressing. Girls also must make sure that their project impact is measurable and the results are sustainable.

Measurable: The success of the project can be determined based on the number of people the project helped, the number of people who were involved, any reduction in the community’s need, and other concrete numbers.

Sustainable: Girls must make arrangements (such as collaborating with community leaders and/or organizations; building alliances with mentors) to ensure that the project creates lasting change and is not a one-time event.

Girls should complete a Take Action project with every Journey, and for their Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.