Raising Awareness of the Lakeview House

Allison knew she wanted to do something that would benefit her community for years to come. She chose to help preserve the Buckelew Mansion in Jamesburg, NJ by making the community aware of the mansion. Her Gold Award project included writing a bilingual book and having it published about the area.

Allison was able to remind people the history of the town through her book, “Legacy: A Look Inside Lakeview” which was written at a fifth grade level so adults and children could enjoy it. She shared her story to fifth grade classes at John F. Kennedy Elementary School. Allison also presented the book at a Spring Fair hosted by a local Presbyterian Church.

The copyrights of Allison’s book have been given to the Jamesburg Historical Association. The association can then read the book at future events and sell copies to help maintain the Buckelew Mansion. Copies of Allison’s book are now available at the Jamesburg Library and at John F. Kennedy Elementary School.

In Allison’s own words:

The Buckelew Mansion in Jamesburg is one of the main reasons the town is historical; the town was founded in 1827 by the owner of the Mansion, James Buckelew. Over the last fifty years or so, the Buckelew Mansion has been the center of town events, including: tree decoration, historical tours, civil war reenactments, haunted house tours, and a place for community organizations to meet at. Recently, the Mansion has needed a lot of repair.

The Jamesburg Historical Association is attempting to restore the Mansion, but have had many difficulties. The renovations have had to be set back because of Hurricane Irene and some internal issues. The Buckelew Mansion has been closed to the public for three years in order for the Mansion to be restored.

I live in Jamesburg and while growing up, I was often involved in some event that took place in the Mansion. One year my family helped decorate the Lincoln Coach for Memorial Day and every Christmas, my troop would decorate the Christmas tree with brown ornaments. For this reason, I am very passionate about restoring the Mansion to its former glory. My project was to raise awareness about the Mansion’s history to gain greater public support for its renovation and to make it once again a place for community to gather.

My project has helped the children of Jamesburg learn about the Buckelew Mansion and understand its importance. The root cause of my project is the Buckelew Mansion had been forgotten by the people of Jamesburg due to the postponed renovations. This project has gathered great support from people everywhere, in and around Jamesburg.