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Donor Spotlight:

Janet Stevens


Can you give us a brief history on your experience with the Girl Scouts?

I was a Girl Scout as a girl and came from a Girl Scout family; I jokingly say I blame my involvement solely on my Mother!   My Mother was a legacy council Board Chair and National volunteer and one of my sisters is a former Board Chair of the Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay.  I have been a Girl Scout Leader, Committee member and Board member over the last 32 years.

How has Girl Scouts impacted you?

The training I received as a Leader and at the Committee and Board level have been invaluable to me personally and professionally.  I have had outstanding opportunities to learn about organizations and be educated about business practices through the Girl Scouts.  As a small business owner, I would not have been exposed to the best practices that large organizations have in place without the Girl Scouts.  The other thing about Girl Scouts is the amazing people!  I have met exceptional volunteers, staff members and girls and have made lifelong friends in the process. 

Why do you choose to donate your time, energy, and financial contributions to GSCSNJ?

By empowering girls, we empower generations of women and I believe Girl Scouts has been doing that since 1912.  I think girl only leadership programs are essential for girls to be a part of so their voices can be heard.  I believe the Girl Scouts is one the top run nonprofits in the country and has a huge impact on the lives of girls.