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Donor Spotlight:

Brenda Zumwalde

Brenda Zumwalde


Can you give us a brief history on your experience with the Girl Scouts?

I never had the opportunity to be a Girl Scout growing up. One day in 1999, my daughter came home from Kindergarten with a flyer. Sure enough, it was a Girl Scouts interest flyer and that was the beginning of my Girl Scout experience. I had originally signed up to be a parent helper for my daughter’s troop, but when asked to be a co-leader, I jumped right in. I became more active in the Five Star Service Unit by helping to recruit girls and eventually became Service Unit Manager (SUM). When the girls in my troop graduated in 2012, I stepped down as co-SUM, but have still been active within the Service Unit by holding the positions of co-treasurer, registrar, and Fall Product Sales Manager to this day. I also am cookie manager for several troops. I feel every girl should have the experience that selling cookies gives to them, and am glad to help out any troop that needs a cookie manager.

How has Girl Scouts impacted you?

As a child, I constantly heard people say that I couldn’t do certain things because I was a girl. Where I went to high school in Virginia, there were courses girls were not allowed to take, only because they were girls. Now, I see these girls throw these views out the window. Growing up I was very shy and Girl Scouts has helped me, even as an adult, have more confidence. By being a leader and a SUM, I’ve had the opportunity to watch girls learn to speak for themselves and I was able to learn right by their sides. Because of Girl Scouts, I have experienced trips and activities that I would not have thought of doing on my own.

Why do you choose to donate your time, energy, and financial contributions to GSCSNJ?

I truly believe in the Girl Scouts message and what we are doing with the girls; teaching them about confidence, character, and becoming the leaders of tomorrow. It’s amazing to see what these girls have been able to accomplish with Girl Scouts and you sometimes forget that they started this journey as 5 year olds. I was able to help teach the girls in my troop about leadership and how to set goals to accomplish their passions.

What matters to me is the message we give that says “you can do anything”.