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CEO Blog - May

“Here’s to strong women.  May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

My friend Claire often uses this quote when she gives remarks at events.  She’s done some amazing things in her professional career and I’ve been to several events where she’s been recognized for her accomplishments, and each time, she uses this quote and gives thanks to her mother, her mentor and role model.  Claire herself is also an amazing role model to young women – strong, accomplished and determined.  She’s never had any children yet she’s aunt extraordinaire, and has mentored countless young women pursuing similar careers.  She believes passionately in surrounding herself with like-minded women as she’s seen the power and brilliance they have brought to her life.  Claire knows that by giving we receive.

I’m like Claire in many ways, as I suspect most Girl Scout volunteers are too.  Girl Scouting gives us the opportunity to be surrounded by amazing women (and men too!) with whom we share a common cause, and that creates an immediate bond.  Whenever we have a big Council event (like Celebrate or our Girl Recognition event) I get energized by meeting new volunteers and reconnecting with those I’ve already met; it’s an honor for to spend time talking with them.  Each of those interactions – no matter how short – is a time to learn something, moments of mentorship that help me to learn and evolve as a leader.

With so few women in key leadership positions – whether business, government or community leadership – mentorship is critical.  Women bring so much to the table with their instincts, their people skills, their ability to care about others and their different approach to solving problems.   I love being a woman leader!  And I love spending time with other successful, strong, wonderful women. By supporting each other, we can open doors and shatter glass ceilings – and help each other to achieve our goals and dreams.

I also love spending time with the awesome young women of our Girl Scout Council.  I recently had the chance to visit with a group of Daisies and Brownies at an afterschool troop at a local school.  I asked them if they knew what a CEO did – and I wasn’t surprised to have an eager Daisy Girl Scout wave her hand to provide the answer.  I wasn’t with them long – their spirit inspired me and I hope I had a little impact on them too.

“Here’s to strong women.  May we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”

In this month during which we honor our mothers, let’s also honor the other strong women who’ve helped to raise us, mentor us, and support us through life.

P.S.  Please join us on May 24 for our Grand Opening Celebration at our new location in the English Creek Shopping Center.   I look forward to meeting some more of the strong amazing women from our Council!