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Volunteer Highlights


Tawanna Sampson

1. Why do you choose to invest your time in Girl Scouts?

As an educator, I enjoy teaching, training, guiding, and motivating girls in positive directions. This including helping them understand their self-worth along with their potential. It is also my goal to instill in the girls and help them understand that they are powerful and have much to offer, as women are on the rise. As a mother I hope that my daughter views me as a positive role model in her life as I make a significant difference in the lives of all of our Girl Scouts.


2. What impact does volunteering with Girl Scouts have on your life?

Volunteering gives me the opportunity to help girls step out of their comfort zone and reach for their dreams. I believe that every girl has a voice and it should be heard. Being a volunteer and mentor to a girl offers me a source of fulfillment knowing that I made a difference in our future generation. In the beginning of the season, I imparted learning opportunities for the girls and as a result this tremendously enhances their self-growth and development. In many instances, our Girl Scouts overcame their fears and increase their maturity level throughout the year.


3. Can you share your most memorable Girl Scout story with us?

Actually, I have three.

First was walking across the GW Bridge with my troop as we celebrated 100 years of Girl Scouts. Second, was when my troop went to Savannah, GA, the home of Girl Scouts and our founder Juliette Gordon Low. While visiting the First Headquarters, our troop had the opportunity to see the brick that we purchased that has our names and troop number engraved on it. This is now part of the new patio at First Headquarters and offered great excitement to know that South Brunswick Troop 81030 is now part of Girl Scout history. My third most memorable experience is when I attended my daughter’s “Saluting Our Stars" Girl Scout Silver Award event. Watching my daughter utilize her leadership skills as she coordinated and hosted an event for over 100 females as she gave honor to women who served our Country was priceless and made me feel that all of my volunteering hours throughout the years was well worth it!