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Service Unit Team Training

In response to requests from Service Unit Members and Staff we have changed the menu of training options. We now offer a series of face to face, interactive, management skills courses and position specific courses.

The Management Skills Series includes: Conflict Management, Customer Service, Management Roles, Management Styles, Meetings, Project Management, Team Building, and Time Management. Position Specific courses: Coaching, Event Planning, Financial Records, Organizing, and Recruiting.

Service Team Members are required to take four Management Skills courses plus one position specific course for a total of five sessions.

For example Service Unit Managers are required to take:

  • Management Roles
  • Management Styles
  • Meetings
  • Project Management
  • Team Building

Other Service Team Members would take one of the following Position Specific courses in addition to four Management Skills courses for a total of five sessions:

  • Coach – Coaches (formerly Consultants)
  • Event Planning – Event Coordinators
  • Financial Records - Treasurers
  • Organizing - Organizers
  • Recruiting – Recruiters

Council Trainers are required to take Facilitating Adult Learning. We recommend that Girl Scouting 102 Facilitators take Facilitating Adult Learning.

All Management courses are open to all volunteers who are interested.




Conflict Managment
1 Hour

Practice valuable communication skills and outline the essential process for mediation.

Girl Scouting 101

Customer Service
1 hour

Who are your customers and why does it matter? Practice your customer service skills using real life scenarios.

Girl Scouting 101

Financial Records
1hour (For SUMS)

From budgets to Annual Financial Summaries this course has everything you need to keep excellent financial records.

Girl Scouting 101

Management Styles
1 hour

What is your personal management style? How does your style impact the people you work with? Learn strategies to engage the volunteers.

Girl Scouting 101

Project Management
1 hour

This highly interactive workshop takes you through the steps and identifies the critical factors in successful project management,

Girl Scouting 101

Running Effective Troop Meetings
1 hour

This course will help you facilitate effective and engaging meetings.

Girl Scouting 101

Team Building
2 hours

Join hands-on interactive team building games and learn how to process the game to establish real learning.

Girl Scouting 101

Time Management

Too much to do and not enough time? Learn how to prioritize your workload to get more done and have more time for yourself!

Girl Scouting 101


So you want to go on a trip with your troop? What paperwork do I need and where do I find it? Who do I need to contact and why? What certifications do I need? Get all the answers to these burning questions and learn about great places to go with your group.

Girl Scouting 101

Volunteer Retention

What motivates the volunteers in your service unit? Why is retention so important? What role does recognition play in retention?

Girl Scouting 101

Position Specific

Coach 1 hour

Learn and practice the essential principles of being a dynamic Coach.

Girl Scouting 101

Event Planning 
1 hour

Step by step guide to planning a safe, well-organized, FUN, event that incorporates the 3 Keys and 3 Processes of the GSLE.

Girl Scouting 101

Facilitating Adult Learning(Council Trainers, GS 102)

Find out how adults learn and what delivery methods are most effective.

Girl Scouting 101

Management Roles (for SUMS) 1 hour

Who does what at GSCSNJ and where do you fit in?

Girl Scouting 101

1 hour

What are the guidelines for girl placement? Find out how to get rid of your wait list.

Girl Scouting 101

1 hour

Gather tips and tricks from a Master Recruiter on what recruiting really is and how it is done.

Girl Scouting 101


Learn how to process paper registration forms and keep accurate membership records.

Girl Scouting 101


Learn the responsibilities of the Service Unit Treasurer which include maintaining and overseeing the Service Unit and Troop bank accounts, community income and expenses. Learn how to complete and submit the yearly Service Unit and Troop Financial Summaries.

Girl Scouting 101