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There's an Emergency Coming: Run For Your Pillow! American Red Cross - The Pillowcase Project 5/10/17 CANCELLED

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Wed May 10, 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Mercer County Library- Lawrenceville Branch Map
Brownie, Junior

“The Pillowcase Project” teaches about safety and emergency preparedness at home. This one hour program is cobranded with Disney. It is science based and provides interactive information and learning skills including: defining what an emergency is and age appropriate steps to take for house fires, winter storms, hurricanes or other natural or manmade disasters resulting in evacuation from their home. Participants are taught coping skills they can use and how to share this information with family and their community. Grades 2-5

The Pillowcase Project is intended to create a generation of children who understand the science of hazards, are empowered to take action preparing for emergencies, and are excited to help create a prepared community by sharing what they have learned with family and friends. All participants need to bring a pen or pencil. 

 Students who participate in The Pillowcase Project will be able to:

• Identify the best ways to stay safe during emergencies that can occur in their communities.

• Identify the best ways to prevent and stay safe during a home fire.

 • Use coping skills to help manage stress during emergencies and in everyday situations.

• Gain confidence in their abilities to be prepared for emergencies through hands-on activities.

 • Use their knowledge to act as advocates for emergency preparedness in their homes and communities. • Discuss the role science plays in emergency preparedness.

• Understand and communicate the work of the Red Cross in their communities. GSP: you may need to use Pilesgrove for the city.