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Bronze Award Webinar 5/10/17

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Wed May 10, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Girl Leadership & Awards

Overview of the Girl Scout Bronze Award. During this workshop you will learn what steps to are needed to complete the award, how to "map" your community and the difference between Service and Take Action. Grades 4-5

Adults: you will need large sheets of paper (1 for every 3-5 girls) and crayons and/or colored pencils. Please have the appropriate packet available for each attendee. Adult packets can be downloaded at

The Girl packet can be downloaded at

Please note; this is a webinar and can be attended at any location with Wi-Fi. Please do not go to Cherry Hill.

Each person registered for the webinar will be emailed the webinar information the day before the session. Please make sure you have a valid email address on your GSCSNJ account to receive this email. When you receive this email, please click the link provided and enter your information on the webinar website, so the webinar session can be emailed to you. If you are attending as a group, only one person in the group (whoever will be signing into the webinar) need complete this registration.

Location: Webinar, Your Location, Your City, NJ 00000

For help with registration, please call 856-795-1560.

For questions regarding program content, please contact: Stephanie Fowle, Troop Support & Experiences Specialist, or 856-795-1560 ext. 365.