Magazine & Nut Forms and Manuals

Service Unit
2014 Magazine & Nut Program Rally Guide
2014 Service Unit Magazine & Nut Manager Guide
2014 Service Unit nut-E Manual
2014 Service Unit Magazine & Nut Manager Agreement
Frequently Asked Questions
2014 Girl Permission Slip
2014 Troop Magazine & Nut Guide
Troop Magazine & Nut Training Powerpoint
Troop Proceeds Option Form
Troop Participation in Product Program
2014 Troop Magazine & Nut Manager Agreement
2014 Troop nut-E Manual


2014 Girl Permission Slip
Juliette Information and Request Form
2014 Magazine & Nut Family Guide
2014 Magazine & Nut Patches at a Glance
2014 Spread the Word Business Cards
2014 Gourmet Gift Basket Entry Form